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Performance: Danny Tisdale

In Transitions, Inc., Danny Tisdale becomes Tracey Goodman, the head of a fictitious company that specializes in transforming one’s physical appearance for the purpose of greater social access and financial reward.  In 1992, Tisdale spent two days standing on a crowded street corner advertising and promoting his company, whose tagline is “we turn minorities into majorities,” and its products. Tisdale’s performance confronted passers with questions concerning societal norms surrounding appearance, class, and the construction of identity.  The promotional materials for Tisdale’s company included products such as hair relaxers, skin lighteners, and hair extensions.  These products are featured as an installation work and will be on view for the duration of the exhibition. 

Danny Tisdale (b. 1959) is an artist, educator, and community activist who lives and works in New York.  Much of Tisdale’s work focuses on the nexus of identity, race, politics, and the push for societal change.

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