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Tours at CAMH are designed to cultivate critical and flexible thinking. The programs developed by the CAMH Education Team aim to guide a visitor in the exploration of new spaces, ideas, and perspectives. 

CAMH offers group tours for visitors of all ages, backgrounds, and interests. During guided tours, trained members of our esteemed FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Team encourage visitors to creatively observe their surroundings. The FAQ Team promotes open-ended discussion and reflection, making connections between art and the everyday. Educators can also choose to participate in a hands-on workshop where students gain insight into new materials, the artistic process, and creative approaches to making. 

Educators of all levels interested in tailoring their visit to align with a specific curriculum are encouraged to contact our Tour Programs Coordinator. Together we can design further learning opportunities. 


How long is a group tour? 
Guided Tours are approximately one-hour long. 
Groups smaller than 50 participants can also request a hands-on Workshop. 
A Guided Tour and Workshop are approximately two-hours long. 

How many people can I bring in my group? 
A minimum of 10 visitors is requested. 
CAMH can accommodate groups of 80 visitors. 
Larger groups will need to plan their visit on multiple days. 

When should I schedule my tour? 
We request that you kindly reserve your tour date a minimum of two weeks in advance of your visit. 

How much are the group rates? 
Group rates are $3 per participant for a Guided Tour and $4 per participant for a Guided Tour and Workshop. 
The fee is waived for chaperones that accompany student groups. 
Title 1 schools and groups representing under-served communities may be eligible for a free tour. 
Payment by check or credit card is accepted at the time of the visit. No refunds will be given for fewer participants or cancellations.

How do I schedule my tour? 
To schedule a tour, tailor your group visit experience, or ask any questions regarding the museum, contact our Tour Programs Coordinator Jessie Anderson at (713) 284-8276 or janderson@camh.org.

How can I connect current exhibitions at CAMH to my curriculum?
Please check out our one-page guide made for teachers. You will find information about the exhibition, key questions, and specific curriculum connections. 

Atlas, Plural, Monumental | For Teachers

A Better Yesterday | For Teachers

CAMH is always free and would welcome you to come by and preview any exhibition before bringing your group tour. 

If you have questions or would like to connect an exhibition to something very specific, feel free to contact our Education Team, and we can work with you directly to provide a deep learning experience for your students.  


Exhibition tours led by our FAQ Team are offered free of charge every Saturday from 1–4PM. Tours meet at the front desk near the entrance. 

Get ready for your Guided Tour by reading our TOUR GUIDELINES + TIPS and HOW TO BE A GREAT CHAPERONE!

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