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Wild Life

Elizabeth Murray & Jessi Reaves

Brown Foundation Gallery
On View February 24–May 16, 2021

Wild Life: Elizabeth Murray & Jessi Reaves brings together paintings by Elizabeth Murray (b. 1940, Chicago; d. 2007, New York) and the work of New York-based sculptor Jessi Reaves (b. 1986, Portland, OR; lives in New York). Although Murray and Reaves are generations apart, this exhibition highlights each artist’s simultaneously lyrical, playful, and rigorous engagement with the decorative, domestic, and bodily.

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Slowed and Throwed

Records of the City Through Mutated Lenses

Nina and Michael Zilkha Gallery
On View:

February 24–April 25, 2021

Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City Through Mutated Lenses is a two-part interdisciplinary exhibition orbiting around the legacy of the late Houston legend DJ Screw. Until his death in 2000, DJ Screw distorted songs by musical artists, creating “chopped and screwed” versions of the original by slowing tempo, reducing pitch, chopping lyrics, and layering freestyles by Houston-based rappers. Known for his signature stretched sound, he also displayed deft skill evident in his transitions, sampling choices, and beat juggling.

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