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Rock of Eye

Nina and Michael Zilkha Gallery
On View: September 23, 2022–January 29, 2023

To tailor a garment by “rock of eye” is to rely on the drape in the fitting process—that is, to rely on experience over mathematical measurement. Draping is a kind of drawing in space: a freehand, an intuition, a trust of materials. Troy Montes Michie: Rock of Eye, the El Paso-born artist’s first museum solo exhibition, brings together collages, drawings, sculptures, and installations that draw the contours of body and place, and is heavily informed by his experience growing up along the United States and Mexico border. The exhibition combines Montes Michie’s previous collages and assemblages that center magazine images of the Black male body with sculptural works that trace the social history of the zoot suit, a garment at the center of the 1943 attacks primarily on Mexican American, African American, and Filipino American youth in Los Angeles known as the Zoot Suit Riots.

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Brown Foundation Gallery
On View: October 28, 2022–February 26, 2023

Diane Severin Nguyen: IF REVOLUTION IS A SICKNESS explores the contingency and elasticity of identity, memory, and meaning in the work of Diane Severin Nguyen (b. 1990). The artist’s first solo museum presentation, the exhibition features a recent video installation, photographs, a site-specific architectural intervention, and the artist’s first public art commission in the form of a billboard located in Houston’s Midtown neighborhood during the month of January 2023.

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