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Board of Trustees

Contemporary Arts Museum Houston (CAMH) gratefully acknowledges the support of the following Board of Trustee members who support our annual programs and general operations.

Sincere thanks to all CAMH Members whose support is crucial to our mission and program.

Howard Robinson, Chair
Ruth Dreessen, President
Dillon Kyle, Vice President
Cabrina Owsley, Vice President
Elisa Stude Pye, VicePresident
Mark Miller, Treasurer
Louise Jamail, Secretary

Radu Barbuceanu
Mary Barone
Mara Calderon
Margaret Vaughan Cox
Jamal Cyrus
Paula M. Daly
Joseph C. Gatto, Jr.
Kerry Inman
Bryn Larsen
Lester Marks
Catherine Masterson
Mac McManus
Rishma Mohamed
Jessica Phifer
Rickey F. Polidore, Jr.
Nicholas Silvers
Justin Smith
Loraine Christ Speier
Bill Toomey
Ben Williams