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Beyond CAMH

Beyond CAMH is a newly launched initiative that reflects contemporary art’s ever-expanding influence through an ongoing series of artist-driven projects and public partnerships extending beyond the walls of the Museum. CAMH’s work outside our galleries—including public artworks and cross-sector collaborations—aims to reach new audiences, embrace unexpected contexts, and directly impact civic life in Houston and beyond. Spanning multiple scales and contexts, Beyond CAMH positions artists as primary catalysts of cultural and public realm transformation. 

“CAMH’s doors have been closed for the past four months as we prioritize the safety of our staff and audience in response to the increasing effects of COVID-19. During this time, we’ve amplified our digital engagement, performed a stunning renovation of the gallery (we can’t wait to show you!), welcomed new staff, and most importantly—we’ve had time to think. To be quarantined and disconnected from daily, in-person contact with artists and audience is disorienting for a museum that exists solely for that purpose. Yet, with our doors closed, we’re working to re-imagine the ethic and practice of a more porous museum—one that spills onto the street, engages in long-term collaborations with artists, meets audiences where they are, and serves our communities’ most urgent needs. We are working to reimagine and recommit to our role as a civically engaged institution. We know that by trusting artists, and working to expand their agency in the public realm, meaning will shine through.”

“As long as our doors are closed, you can find us outside and online. And when our doors reopen, you can continue to expect more—in, around, and beyond CAMH. For more information visit”

Hesse McGraw
Executive Director

Nancy Baker Cahill | Contract Killers

Contract Killers is a site-specific, augmented reality series created by artist Nancy Baker Cahill, and collaboratively developed into a unique and powerful NFT project with art lawyer Sarah Conley Odenkirk, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and

Crossroads Hotel Program

Organized by Hesse McGraw, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and Kansas City’s El Dorado inc., the Crossroads Hotel in Kansas City will host a public gallery, build a private collection of local artists, and support an artist in residence program.

A Counting gif

Ekene Ijeoma | A Counting 

A Counting was created by Ekene Ijeoma, his group Poetic Justice at MIT Media Lab, and The People in response to the U.S. Census which has historically underrepresented and miscounted non-white and english-speaking communities.

A Counting | Teacher Guide
A Counting
| Family Review

Untitled image courtesy the artist

Nathaniel Donnett | Acknowledgement: The Historic Polyrhythm of Being(s)

This commissioned project examines the formal and conceptual vernacular of communities, including the architecture, iconography, and language practices, exploring the parallels between the evolving art process and social transformations.

Nathaniel Donnett | Teacher Guide
Nathaniel Donnett | Family Review

Paul Ramirez Jonas, Publicar X, 2017. Photo by Ronald Jones. Courtesy the artist and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Art on the Lawn Series

Art on the Lawn activates CAMH’s exterior space, turning the lawn facing Montrose into a third gallery. The series offers visitors a tangible and interactive way to experience art and encourages a social atmosphere on CAMH’s lawn for picnics and lounging.

Cheryl Donegan: GRLZ + VEILS at Aspen Museum of Art

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