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CAMH offers a variety of programs and events related to its exhibitions. You can browse based on your category of interest—exhibitions, music, family, and more.

Kaneem Smith

Partnership Tower, 1st Floor Lobby 701 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX, United States

This presentation is part of an ongoing series of fabric wall-based artworks by Houston-based artist Kaneem Smith.

Gerardo Rosales

Partnership Tower, 2nd Floor Landing 701 Avenida De Las Americas, Houston, TX, United States

Houston-based Venezuelan artist Gerardo Rosales produced a large-scale mural playfully linking three walls within Partnership Tower.

Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow

Nina and Michael Zilkha Gallery

Olivia Erlanger's debut solo museum exhibit in the U.S., "If Today Were Tomorrow," explores suburban semiotics and environmental forces.

Kathy Liao: Reading the Tea Leaves

Crossroads Hotel 2101 Central St, Kansas City, MO, United States

Kathy Liao’s Reading the Tea Leaves captures the interplay of experience, memory, and place. Through a process of exploration and revisitation, Liao’s painting allows images and memories to evolve, intertwine, and eventually degrade, resulting in a fusion of the tangible and the ephemeral. Traces of history linger on the canvas, reminiscent of faint whispers from the past.

Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege

Brown Foundation Gallery Houston, TX, United States

Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege presents work by the acclaimed Chicago-based artist, featuring large-scale paintings, sculptures, and installations that highlight the seen and unseen dynamics of Freedmen’s Town in Houston’s Fourth Ward.

2024-25 Teacher Advisory Group Applications

CAMH’s Learning and Engagement Team seeks out a group of highly motivated and passionate teachers to share their knowledge and experience in shaping future programs and the vision within the department. The Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) will provide strategic recommendations, support in writing exhibition-specific materials, and advocate for CAMH programs within their classrooms, schools, and community. CAMH will offer each member of TAG an advance opportunity to learn more about upcoming exhibitions, programs, and have behind-the-scenes experiences at the Museum.

Pop-Up Exhibition | State of Disruption

Mid Main Lofts 3550 Main Street, Houston, Texas

Boldly exploring themes related to identity, disruption, child-like obsessions, and controlled chaos, State of Disruption is a compelling exhibition that confronts the challenges and complexities of the nation’s current education system. Teachers from CAMH’s Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) and their students channel their creativity and insights into thought-provoking works that reflect their classroom experiences and perspectives.

Riverside Terrace: Where Today and Tomorrow Collided with Stephen Fox

Brown Foundation Gallery Houston, TX, United States

Join us for a talk with Stephen Fox in conjunction with the exhibition Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow. This talk examines the history of a Houston subdivision, initially developed for a middle-to-upper-middle market of (implicitly: white) Houstonians beginning in 1924. As Houston’s economy recovered from the Great Depression during the mid-1930s, Riverside Terrace became the neighborhood most associated with Houston’s Jewish elite. Then, in the 1950s, the neighborhood's demographics flipped as it was desegregated, becoming by the 1970s the neighborhood most associated with Houston’s African American elite. Riverside Terrace has it all: parkways, freeways, segregation, integration, and architecture. It’s how history really happens.

Imagining Home

Inspired by artist Olivia Erlanger’s decade-long investigation of the definition of “home”, as seen in the exhibition Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow, explore your own vision of home through drawing.

Summer Community Celebration

Spend a summer afternoon indoors and explore CAMH’s current exhibitions, Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege and Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow, through a variety of hands-on activities at the Museum!