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CAMH offers a variety of programs and events related to its exhibitions. You can browse based on your category of interest—exhibitions, music, family, and more.

Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow

Nina and Michael Zilkha Gallery

Olivia Erlanger's debut solo museum exhibit in the U.S., "If Today Were Tomorrow," explores suburban semiotics and environmental forces.

Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege

Brown Foundation Gallery Houston, TX, United States

Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege presents work by the acclaimed Chicago-based artist, featuring large-scale paintings, sculptures, and installations that highlight the seen and unseen dynamics of Freedmen’s Town in Houston’s Fourth Ward.

Pop-Up Exhibition | State of Disruption

Mid Main Lofts 3550 Main Street, Houston, Texas

Boldly exploring themes related to identity, disruption, child-like obsessions, and controlled chaos, State of Disruption is a compelling exhibition that confronts the challenges and complexities of the nation’s current education system. Teachers from CAMH’s Teacher Advisory Group (TAG) and their students channel their creativity and insights into thought-provoking works that reflect their classroom experiences and perspectives.

Impossible Paper Architecture

Inspired by Olivia Erlanger’s off-world landscapes and impossible architectures, create a surreal structure using paper and tape.

History, Houston, and Collage

The workshop History, Houston, andCollage blends historical images, documents, and ephemera of Houston's past with contemporary collage for a fun-filled analog exercise in archival study. From Freedmen's Town to Third Ward, downtown to Fifth Ward, we will learn intimate details and happenings that make Houston the culturally rich metropolis it is now. A deep dive into the imagery of this past will help us create interesting and abstract collages to take home.

Write a Postcard

Explore our current exhibitions, Theaster Gates: The Gift and The Renege and Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow, then share your favorite part of the exhibition in a postcard to a friend. CAMH will mail out all postcards on your behalf.

Clay Planets

Mold colored clay to create a small sculptural planet inspired by artist Olivia Erlanger's large-scale planet sculptures.

Paper Landscapes

Inspired by the exhibition, Olivia Erlanger: If Today Were Tomorrow, create a surreal landscape layering paper shapes and tape.

Text Collage

Inspired by WE WILL SAVE OURSELVES, 2024 by Theaster Gates, collaborate on a text-based collage to encourage dialogue on present-day challenges and important current events.