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CAMH offers a variety of programs and events related to its exhibitions. You can browse based on your category of interest—exhibitions, music, family, and more.

Garrett Bradley: American Rhapsody

Brown Foundation Gallery Houston, TX, United States

Museum presentation of Garrett Bradley: American Rhapsody showcasing a selection of new and recent single and multi-channel films and videos by the artist.

Flip Books

Create a flip book inspired by Garrett Bradley's cinematic narratives.

Remembering Home

Craft a sculptural collage inspired by Will Boone's exploration of home.

Community Storytelling

Craft a community storyboard inspired by Garrett Bradley's themes.

Collaborative Landscape

Craft a collaborative landscape using collage materials from Will Boone's exhibit.

Fluxus Seminarium

Participate in Fluxus-inspired performances and games led by Natilee Harren.

Vision Self-Portraits

Craft a self-portrait capturing aspirations from CAMH's exhibitions.

Color Theory

Add to calendar Google Calendar iCalendar Outlook 365 Outlook Live About Inspired by Walls Turned Sideways artist Kapwani Kiwanga's video A Primer. Join in a discussion of our emotional, physical, and mental associations with colors. About Drop-In Experiences CAMH's Drop-In Experiences feature instructions for hands-on activities and provide creative opportunities to experience current exhibitions in a unique and...