Admission is free. Open Today: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Performance: Texas Noise and Ambience

Texas Noise and Ambience is an ongoing interdisciplinary sound series that spotlights the works of ambient, drone, and noise-based musicians currently located and performing in the state of Texas. Through the use of synthesizers, electronics, processing devices, and computer hardware/software, each artist both organically and inorganically embeds layers of live sound deftly executing a unique atmosphere that inlays the host space.

The fall program will feature: ADJHEM, Aisen CC, Chin Xaou Ti Won, Secret Sands, Ak’chamel, and Tex Kerschen & Erika Thrasher.

ADJHEM is a performative noise trio born, raised, and living in Houston, Texas. The group crafts site-specific works in an attempt to become closer to one another, giving the audience a look into an ever-evolving friendship. Andrew Durham primarily plays electric bass employing effects and preparation. John Harkins provides a loose percussive framework for the group to work within. His simple ambient guitar melodies also add a subtle layer to the performance. Evan McCarley employs multiple objects and instruments, as well her voice and body, to convey ideas in space.

About Aisen CC
Born in Boston, MA, Aisen Caro Chacin is a regenerating composition of cells that produce a woman and an international animal whose patterns of migration are not based on seasons, but rather chance, chaos, and opportunity. Her curiosity led her to research the intersecting fields of art, science, and technology driven by conceptual forms of inquiry. Soaking with a sculpture background from the University of Houston, she also received an MFA in Design and Technology from Parsons in NYC, where she taught Physical and Creative Computing. Her radar is on Human Computer Interaction HCI- designing new perceptual interfaces and discovering the limits of digital media. She is currently hopping the Pacific pond back-and-forth between Houston and Japan, where she is designing Assistive Device Art as a Ph.D. candidate at the Empowerment Informatics program in the University of Tsukuba. Her work has been presented and exhibited at Ars Electronica, Cite du Design, TEI, NIME, NYC Museum of Art and Design, The New York Hall of Science, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, among others. Featured as an inventor in Future Tech by Discovery Channel, Creative Applications, FastCo, Time Techland, Engadget, NYTimes, and was awarded and published by PopSci. She looks forward to finding other suspended disbeliefs in her pocket. She is also a bucket of ideas open to merge and exchange with other buckets. A creative technologist, a STEAM engine.

About Ak’Chamel
Self described ‘fourth world post-colonial appropriators’ Ak’chamel channel lo-fi alien exotica through acoustical instruments, devices and a myriad of configurations and conglomerations shifting and changing from one performance to the next.

About Chin Xaou Ti Won
Chin Xaou Ti Won is an electronic duo whose music is as unique as their name. A combination fusion and juxtaposition of lush atmospheres, pop melodies, contemporary motifs, danceable beats, and at times, jarring noise, CXTW’s sound can best be described as adventurous, textural, and often, unexpected. Musicians, Markus Cone and St-Michel use a myriad of synthesizers, electronics, processing devices, and computer hardware/software, as well as live percussion, and found sound to create multi-layer music unique to the electronic/pop genre.

About Secret Sands
SECRET SANDS is a noir organic electronics band formed by two deep rooted musicians and curators of music, art and culture: Eric Castillo (millennial grave, psychic claw curations) and Damon Allen (refuse to fall, blueprint). Formed in mid-2016, they bring their collective passion for analog synth-based electronics, kraut rock, no wave, psychedelic/experimental soundscapes/scores, classic house/techno and industrial dance to the front.Taking nods from the past yet bringing it all together into the NOW. Influences are noted to iconic and like-minded bands such as Can, Kraftwerk, Suicide, Goblin, Bauhaus, Psychic TV, Cabaret Voltaire and more.

About Tex Kerschen & Erika Thrasher
Tex Kerschen and Erika Thrasher, best known for their work with Studded Left, Indian Jewelry, and Swarm of Angels, also perform music under their own names. Whatever they do, whatever they touch, it’s a real mess.
Paul Hanford of Dazed and Confused said they “stand at a kind of musical crossroads where the gloriously dark moments of rock n’roll’s past hang side by side with clunky rave synths and a droned-out attitude.”
Chris Ziegler described them in the LA Weekly as “weapons-grade Texan psychedelicists [who] match truly primitive electronics, rhythms like Konono N°1, bleeps and wooshes from some kind of Soviet radar system, etc., to unending slo-mo distorto guitar that fills the room like boiling oil and ghost vocals from the other side.”
Chris Gray of the Houston Press recently described Ms. Thrasher as “Chanel chic in a group that sounds like a rave invaded Deer Park or Brazosport”
“Street dancing music inspired by a tableau vivant of sexual turmoil and gold spray paint. Like Roxy Music working the night shift at the spawn shop, out of cash, bartering with the children of Marc Almond’s Montrose peccadilloes.” Jon Lindsey