AbstractionsintheKeyofYellowwiththeTransitorySoundandMovementCollective Performance February2019 1440x875

Abstractions in the Key of Yellow with the Transitory Sound and Movement Collective

February 14, 2019 | 6:30PM - 7:30PM


Transitory Sound and Movement Collective (TSMC) will return to CAMH with a new interdisciplinary and experiential work by the artistic director/sound artist, Lynn Lane, in collaboration with founding member/choreographer/dancer Jennifer Mabus along with dance and sound artists, who will create a uniquely structured yet spontaneous composition that will conceptually connect to the exhibition Cheryl Donegan: GRLZ + VEILS. As Donegan’s work reflects a subversive approach to abstraction and art history, TSMC will examine the methods of the foremost abstract, postmodern, performative artists of the 20th century through a contemporary cultural lens. Ideas of abstraction and chance will be translated into contemporary language through the artists’ response to each other and their current cultural environment, creating an unspoken conversation of sound and movement with each other, the audience, and the artwork.