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Art Riddles | Drop-In Experience

Read a few riddles inspired by the current exhibitions and landscape at CAMH, then guess which works of art the riddles are about.


Read the following riddles as you explore CAMH! Each riddle shares clues about the work of art it describes. Can you guess which artwork inspired each riddle?

Riddle #1

An entire galaxy inside a box,

Toys, lights, beads ignite like sparks! 


Teen Council-curated Exhibition: Turn On, Tune In, Tap Out

As Seen on TV by Luke Parker, 2021

Riddle #2

Rest, reflect, and meditate

This is your space to contemplate



NURTURE by Preston Gaines and Mich Stevenson, 2021

Riddle #3

I spy and I see

So many eyes upon me


Teen Council-curated Exhibition: Turn On, Tune In, Tap Out

Eyes to See by Eliza Crawford, 2021

Riddle #4

A hidden oasis or rusty pyramid shape 

This tree doesn’t grow nor can it escape


Bayard Lawn

Manila Palm: An Oasis Secret | Mel Chin

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