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At Home Photoshoot | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Inspired by the fashion and styling work of CAMH Teen Council and Tour Program Coordinator, Adrianna Benavides, join us in celebrating your identity, pet, or your favorite object with an at-home photoshoot.


Your pet, your favorite object, or yourself

A well-lit wall inside your home 

Bedsheets or lightweight sheets of fabric

Push pins

Shoebox or platform if needed

Camera phone or camera



Find a sunny wall in your home where you can safely and comfortably create your backdrop. Think about your subject and what you want to celebrate and highlight. This may include an outfit styled to express your identity, a backdrop with a complimentary color, or even fun and colorful party favors like balloons.


Using push pins, drape your lightweight fabric or bed sheets to transform your wall into a backdrop. Make sure the backdrop is larger than your subject and extends to all sides creating a border.  


Does your subject need a platform? A piece of furniture or shoebox covered in another sheet of fabric easily creates a platform to elevate your subject. If you are taking your own picture, using a platform and shoebox will help to prop your phone while using the self-timer camera setting. Take test shots and adjust the subject on the platform and against the backdrop as needed.


Is your subject ready for their close up? Are there objects that can be added to highlight and celebrate the subject even more? If documenting a pet, be sure to have treats or a toy to capture their attention.  

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