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CAMH Connects | Jonathan Paul Jackson

Artist and curator Jonathan Paul Jackson checks in with CAMH’s Public Programs Coordinator YET Torres about his current studio practice and projects during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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About the Series

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to flatten the curve — but even though the museum is closed, and we’re working from home, we still talk to artists around the world every day. Here in Houston, in Italy, in China, in San Francisco … artists, like all of us, are weathering the coronavirus personally and professionally.

We will bring these conversations with artists — wherever they are — to wherever you are.

About the Artist

Jonathan Paul Jackson is an African American visual artist from Houston, Texas. He works in many mediums of art, including painting, sculpture, and illustration. In 2008 Jackson started curating art shows for fellow visual artists, putting his own art career to the side for a couple of years, but he never stopped sketching and drawing. In 2011, he returned to his art producing a series of oil pastel works of jazz greats, political figures, and everyday objects. His other works involve experimenting in Neo-Expressionism and Abstract Expressionism.

His paintings include a series of color studies or what he has come to call “Color Meditations,” in which he experimented with color while researching the masters of color, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol, and Paul Gauguin, he soon realized that it was not the colors they used to create the work but how they applied the paint/color to the surface that truly defined them as “Masters of Color.” 

Currently he is working on a series in which he takes photos of nature, prints out the photo, and hand embellishes the print outs. It is a conceptual series about how we all see the same nature but interpret it in a different way.