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CAMH Connects | Marlon Hall

Join Marlon Hall, one of the inaugural artists in residence of CAMHLAB as he shares his process and what he created during his time at CAMH.

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Support provided by Laity Lodge and its parent institution, the H.E.Butt Foundation. Additional funding provided by The Jeremiah Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation.

About Marlon Hall

Marlon Hall is a visual anthropologist, U.S. Department of Cultural Affairs Fulbright Specialist, a Tulsa Arts Fellow, and the Greenwood Art Project Anthropologist in residence studying the 1921 Massacre of Black Wallstreet with lead artist Rick Lowe. He has 20+ years’ experience in community film-making, cultural architecture, and visual anthropology with a proven track record of leading organizations, teams, and creative projects from end-to-end to include: films, creative learning ecologies, social sculptures, and community art projects. His life’s intention is to cultivate human potential in ways that are whimsically beautiful and positively willful.

About the Series

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to flatten the curve — but even though the museum is closed, and we’re working from home, we still talk to artists around the world every day. Here in Houston, in Italy, in China, in San Francisco … artists, like all of us, are weathering the coronavirus personally and professionally.

We will bring these conversations with artists — wherever they are — to wherever you are.