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CAMH Connects | Transitory Sound and Movement Collective

Transitory Sound and Movement Collective’s Lynn Lane (founder/artistic director/sound artist) and Jennifer Mabus (founding member/choreographer/dance artist) check in with CAMH’s Public Programs Coordinator YET Torres during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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About the Series

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to flatten the curve — but even though the museum is closed, and we’re working from home, we still talk to artists around the world every day. Here in Houston, in Italy, in China, in San Francisco … artists, like all of us, are weathering the coronavirus personally and professionally.

We will bring these conversations with artists — wherever they are — to wherever you are.

About the Collective

The Transitory Sound and Movement Collective was founded by artistic director/sound artist Lynn Lane and movement director/choreographer Jennifer Mabus. The Collective exists to bring musicians, sound artists, dance artists, spoken word artists, and visual artists together to create immersive and experiential evenings of sound, movement, and art. Each performance is a unique and spontaneous composition created by an artist’s process of consideration and response to an overall concept. It truly becomes an unspoken conversation.

Formed December 2016, TSMC has performed for venues and festivals including the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, the Rec Room, the Rice University Gallery, the University of Texas in Dallas, the Texas Dance Improvisation Festival, the Rothko Chapel, Arts Mission Oak Cliff, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Asia Society of Texas, Modern Dance Festival at The Fort Worth Modern, Aurora Picture Show, the Blanton Museum, and the NMASS Festival with an upcoming online performance on June 2, 2020 with the OmniArts Foundation, New York, New York.