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CAMH Connects | Twin Lovers

Join us for a look into the transdisciplinary art process of the musical duo Twin Lovers as they share what they are working on during the Covid-19 pandemic. Twin Lovers is made up of Markus Cone and Melissa Jean Cone. Markus Cone is the Curator for the CAMH series Texas Noise and Ambience. Follow CAMH for the next installment in the series which will be presented in conjunction with the exhibition Slowed and Throwed.

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About the Series

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, we’re doing everything we can to flatten the curve — but even though the museum is closed, and we’re working from home, we still talk to artists around the world every day. Here in Houston, in Italy, in China, in San Francisco … artists, like all of us, are weathering the coronavirus personally and professionally.

We will bring these conversations with artists — wherever they are — to wherever you are.

About Twin Lovers

Twin Lovers like to synchronously initiate assumptions of the habitual familiar with the imagined when starting a piece. They call this ‘spatial tesseracting’ (or to spatially tesseract). When creating music they perceive illusory textures as integrated within the visual/audio sphere. This integration of conscious ‘real’ and simulated cognizant ‘real’ can cause encountered suppositions to frequently not be substantiated never fully materializing. They can remain visceral, but not without the empathetic experience of the current consensus that is acknowledged but must be challenged. 

Currently residing in Houston, Texas, Sci-Fi Pop collective Twin Lovers sonically mirror echoed ciphers veiled within the specious present. Suspending the Narrative of Now, the collective spatially tesseracted their first self-titled image album, Twin Lovers, in 2019. 


Songs heard in the video:

(All music composed and produced by Twin Lovers. Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo.) 

  1. Fiver (2020) 
  2. Lady of the Lake (2020 the music video in the woods at the beginning) 
  3. Watts Proper  (2019) 
  4. Montgomery L. Hopkins (2019) 
  5. Jason Taverner Does Not Exist (2019) 
  6. Twin Lovers (2019 the song at the end)