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CAMHLAB | Marlon Hall

November 30, 2020 – December 3, 2020 all-day

In the midst of a pandemic’s trauma, Community Amnesia Therapy—presented by Houston-based artist and anthropologist Marlon Hall—is the season’s final CAMHLAB residency intended to present authentic human connection while remaining socially distanced.  Hall states, “the trauma of life can dismember the mind from the body, and the body from the soul and we forget who we are, what we can impact, and sometimes even why we should get out of bed.” Hall, along with a host of collaborators, will mount a series of separate healing experiences thoughtfully orchestrated and delivered through the multisensory use of film, music, art installations, salon dinner parties, and yoga to—as Hall states—“unearth beauty from brokenness.”

Support provided by Laity Lodge and its parent institution, the H.E.Butt Foundation. Additional funding provided by The Jeremiah Fund of the San Antonio Area Foundation.