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Community Connection | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Nathaniel Donnett’s site specific work, Acknowledgement: The Historic Polyrhythm of Being(s), inspires interconnection across all communities through collaboration and exchange. Create an opportunity for reciprocity as we explore ways to safely connect with your friends and family through art-making.

Acknowledgement: The Historic Polyrhythm of Being(s) sets an important precedent by including youth as an integral part of the public art process through direct collaboration with community organizations, including S.H.A.P.E. Community Center, Change Happens!, The Re-education Project, Jack Yates High School, and Kashmere Gardens Elementary. For Donnett, this project engages the youth’s social imagination by uplifting everyday objects as material for the artwork, and the exchange as a gesture of human kindness. The exchange seeks to inspire youth around the value of education, through the gift of a new backpack and by highlighting the inner resources and strength of Houston’s Black community. The multi-faceted nature of this artwork emphasizes the power of direct action and social exchange.


Drawing utensils (e.g., pen, pencil, crayon, marker) 

Paper for collaging (e.g.,magazines, scrap paper, photos)

Paper for background (e.g., construction paper, card stock, copy paper, etc.)

Adhesive (e.g., craft glue, tape, glue sticks) 




Find a quiet place inside or outside your home where you can comfortably create. Lay out your materials. Next, think about a person or community you want to say ‘thank you’ to or feel grateful for during this time. Think about what you want to share with them. You can write to a healthcare worker, your relative, a friend, your pet, a community member, or an entire community.


Sit and look through your materials. Look for small images or words that will uplift the person or community you are grateful for. Images to consider could portray:

  • Happiness
  • Health
  • Love 
  • Connection
  • Strength

Cut out your images or words. Then, glue or tape these words and images along the border of your background. 


Notice the blank space you have left in the middle of your background. Pick your favorite drawing utensil, then write your note in the blank space. As you write, imagine these words embracing the person or community you are writing to. You can add additional images or drawings around your note to complete.


As we explore ways to safely connect, sending a letter of gratitude to someone can lift their spirits during challenging times. Take a picture of your note and share it with the person or community you wrote it for via text, email or platform of your choice. 

Want to share your note with CAMH? Be sure to tag us using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH.

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