Community Day photo by Sidney Mori Garrett

Community Day

October 20, 2018 | 2:00PM - 5:00PM


Join us for a day to explore and contemplate the exhibition Walls Turned Sideways: Artists Confront the Justice System.

Create and decorate a sketchbook that you can use to record your thoughts and feelings about the prison system.

Share your thoughts with other Museum visitors through an ongoing written discussion throughout the gallery.

Participate in mindful observation by experimenting with movement and breath-work as tools to delve deeper into observation.

Make a flip book and animate your own narrative inspired by video works at CAMH.

Ask questions and engage with community partners to find resources from organizations working directly with those impacted by the prison system. Participating organizations include the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) of Texas, Children Prison Arts Project, Eight Million Stories, No More Victims Family Program, the Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP), KPFT’s The Prison Show, QueenLyfe, Inc., Restoring Justice, and Truth Be Told.

About ACLU of Texas
The American Civil Liberties Union of Texas is the leading civil rights organization in the Lone Star State.

About Children’s Prison Arts Project
The Children’s Prison Arts Project introduces youth in juvenile facilities to innovative educational theater, creative writing, and visual arts in a forum where they can express their thoughts and visions in constructive ways, and present their art to their peers and the community at large.

About Eight Million Stories
The Eight Million Stories program works to transform the lives of previously incarcerated youth (16–18) through education, vocational training, employment, and social emotional learning.

About No More Victims Family Program
No More Victims Family works in schools to help the teen children of incarcerated parents. The odds are stacked against these young men and women, but No More Victims provides them with the skills they need to succeed in school and go on to live successful, productive lives.

About Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP)
PEP unites inmates and executives through entrepreneurial passion and servant leadership to transform lives, restore families, and rebuild communities.

About The Prison Show
The Prison Show is a live radio program airing Fridays from 9–11PM on KPFT 90.1 Houston. The Prison Show discusses issues of interest to convicts and features shout-outs from family and friends in the free world to their loved ones behind bars.

About QueenLyfe, Inc.
QueenLyfe Inc. is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to promote financial literacy, creative expression, healthy relationships, mentorship, and civic engagement through our workshops and events for multi-cultural women of all ages.

About Restoring Justice
Restoring Justice provides legal, social, and spiritual services to people accused of crimes who cannot afford to hire attorneys themselves.

About Truth Be Told
Truth Be Told provides a safe, healing community for women during and after incarceration. They envision a society in which all justice-involved women are restored to integrity, therefore, breaking the cycle of incarceration.