Liao Liu Nian 180x120

Beyond Houston

Kathy Liao: Reading the Tea Leaves

May 5 - July 28
Crossroads Hotel


Kathy Liao's Reading the Tea Leaves captures the interplay of experience, memory, and place. Through a process of exploration and revisitation, Liao’s painting allows images and memories to evolve, intertwine, and eventually degrade, resulting in a fusion of the tangible and the ephemeral. Traces of history linger on the canvas, reminiscent of faint whispers from the past.

Liao's work delves into the intimate rituals of travel, connection, and navigating distance—shared experiences among immigrant families. Through her manipulation of form and texture, she infuses her surfaces with a tangible presence, prompting viewers to consider the weight of familial bonds amidst the digital landscape of modern communication.

Reading the Tea Leaves serves as a reflection of Liao's quest to reforge bonds with her family, navigating the maze of physical and emotional distance. Just as one interprets the subtle contours of tea leaves, Liao's work invites contemplation of the intricate patterns of human connection and memory. Through her art, Liao encourages viewers to reflect on the interplay between presence and absence, weaving a narrative that speaks to the power of familial ties. Her work becomes a vessel for pondering the mysteries of human connection.


Crossroads Hotel gallery and art program is organized by El Dorado and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston with Tiffany Meesha Thompson.

Kathy Liao: Reading the Tea Leaves is curated by Tiffany Meesha Thompson, EMBA.