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Cumbias y Contemporary Art

Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with a self-guided tour of our exhibitions, hands-on activities, and live music on the plaza with SON BAYOÚ.

CAMH brings together contemporary art and live music in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. Visit the Museum for an evening of hands-on activities inspired by our current exhibitions, Amoako Boafo: Soul of Black Folks and Troy Montes Michie: Rock of Eye, then join us outdoors for live sounds and visuals with local artists SON BAYOÚ!

SON BAYOÚ will perform Colombian cumbia on CAMH’s plaza. Come out for a night of music as they execute each rhythm with maximum and due flavor. The group’s performance will be accompanied by the live visuals of El Edu.

Food provided by Umbrella Fellas will be available for purchase throughout the night.

Safety and Accessibility

Please review CAMH’s safety protocols here. Social distancing and face masks are encouraged to be worn inside the Museum. If there are questions or concerns regarding safety or accessibility, please contact


SON BAYOÚ is a Colombian cumbia band founded by Ramiro Rodriguez and Juan Torres. The two met during junior high in 2009 and caught interest in cumbia music together. With Ramiro on accordion and Juan on drums, they both went down the rabbit hole of exploring the genre, found a community of people who shared their interest, and played at the flea market on Airline Boulevard every Sunday with their street band, Kumbia Sabanera, for 5–6 years. By 2019, they officially formed SON BAYOÚ with Lalo Ortiz (bass guitar), Carlos Olvera (accordion and guacharaca), Rembrandt Herrera (percussion), and Neto Amaya (percussion), who is also the son of cumbia pioneer “El Toro” Amaya. SON BAYOÚ is joined by Eduardo Herrera (also known as El Edu), who produces visuals for the group’s live performances.