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The Dirty South Sound Series | Gracie Chavez

Join us for the second act of The Dirty South’s Sound Series curated by DJ Flash Gordon Parks! Visit the Museum for music on the Plaza provided by Gracie Chavez. In addition, there will be a SLAB on view by BG Porter, owner of SLAB Outlawz. The SLAB on view is curated by Ángel Quesada. Food provided by Umbrella Fellas will be available for purchase throughout the night.

About DJ Gracie Chavez

Gracie Chavez is an ambassador for the Texas music scene. She cut her teeth in the industry as a music editor and journalist, which led her to become an in-house PR writer for Swisha House, Chamillionaire, and other rappers during the rise of Houston’s rap scene to the global stage. She then honed her skills and taste-making selections on the decks to earn top accolades nationwide.

In 2010, she helped create and pioneer Bombón, a collective DJ/musicians and party series based on screwmbia, Houston rap and tropical bass.

More recently, the Houston-based DJ/producer continues to usher in new urban tropical sounds as label head of Bombón Music. Now, Chavez is the executive producer and host for Radio Bombón.

“One of my biggest sources of inspiration comes from my identity as a Latina,” she says. “Our Latin culture is so colorful, vibrant, and passionate that I think these elements naturally translate through me in my music, writing, and artwork.”

About DJ Flash Gordon Parks

Jason Woods aka Flash Gordon Parks is an ethnomusicologist from the city of Houston, Texas. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at Sam Houston State University in 2001.

In 2005, Flash Gordon Parks published a book of photography and poetry called The Beautiful Side of Ugly with Eric Blaylock. TBSOU combined the poetic words of Blaylock with the striking images of FGP to document the beauty of urban areas of Houston, Texas.

He has also maintained several DJ residencies which range from Blues to Jazz to Soul/Funk to Hip Hop since 2004. As a DJ, he strives to educate the audience through carefully thought out selections. Flash Gordon Parks often collects, documents and lectures on the importance of Houston’s Rich Music History. He has lectured at such institutions as Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, Rice University, Art League Houston and more.

In 2015, Flash Gordon Parks directed the documentary, This Thing We Do Houston DJ Culture Revealed, which is an introduction to the world of Deejaying in the City of Houston. And in 2019, he directed the documentary, Archie Bell, celebrating the achievements of soul music icon Mr. Tighten Up (Archie Bell).

Most notable events include Motown On Mondays Houston and A Fistful Of Soul.

About BG Porter

BG Porter is the owner of SLAB OUTLAWZ, a one-stop SLAB shop in North Houston. He has been working in the SLAB customizing business for the past two decades and is known far and wide throughout the southern U.S. from Texas to the Louisiana region within the SLAB circles.

BG has customized hundreds of cars and fundamentally grasps the epitome of what makes a Houston SLAB: Candy lac paint, elbows, fifth wheel, pop-trunk, customized interiors, and of course a hi-fidelity audio system. While many SLABs are broken into clubs or lines, BG has worked with various groups throughout his career to push the envelope of what defines a SLAB: from classic American rides to European makes and model whips, the creativity is only limited by budget and imagination.

About Ángel Quesada

Ángel Quesada has been an active visual and cultural arts worker, ethnographer, and events producer in Houston, Texas for the past decade. His dedication to artists and experts outside academia often places him within underserved or under-recognized cultural and artistic communities throughout Houston. While at the Houston Arts Alliance Folklife program he was seminal to bringing to fruition the very first official SLAB Parade and Family Festival alongside Pat Jasper, Langston Collin Wilkins, Paul Wall, John Guess, the Houston Museum of African American Culture, and the City of Houston. In this context, Ángel brings to bear his relationships with respected SLAB creators and owners in the city and helps provide a window into this artistic component of the Houston car culture.