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Discovering Art in Nature | Drop-In Experience

Enjoy this walking meditation designed to help you and a friend experience sound and color as it exists everywhere in nature inspired by CAMHLAB artists Preston Gaines and Mich Stevenson.


01. Pick your Route

Along with a friend or family member, pick a starting point where you will begin your walk. Choose your route in advance or improvise your path along the way. Your thoughts and conversation should focus on what you observe along your walk. Be patient as you look closely at your surroundings and bring your focus back to what is in front of you if your thoughts go astray. 

02. Breathe 

To begin, walk to your starting point and stand in place. Take a full, deep breath while raising the top of your head. Then exhale and release as you feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Take a moment to look at the path in front of you, then begin your walk. 

03. Observe your Surroundings 

As you walk, allow yourself to move at your own pace to observe what is happening around you. 

When you focus your eyes on what is in front of you, what do you notice? Texture? Color? 

Stand in place and focus on what you can hear. Are these sounds coming from nature? From other people? 

As you focus on buildings or structures, can you imagine them as sculptures? If you pass trees or plants, follow their branches and leaves like lines in a drawing. When you look up at the sky, what shapes do you see? How do the spaces or objects you observe appear different now compared to when you first noticed them? 

Share your thoughts with your family member or friend. Where do your observations intersect? What did you pay attention to that was different from them? 

04. Conclude 

At the end of your walk, stand in place again. Take three deep breaths, then close your eyes and listen to the sounds surrounding you. Close your meditation by sharing your last thoughts with each other, including your favorite part of your walk.

About Drop-In Experiences

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