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Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since 1970

On View: January 22, 2005 - April 17, 2005
February 21, 2018 @ 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Brown Foundation Gallery
Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art Since 1970 @ Brown Foundation Gallery

Double Consciousness: Black Conceptual Art since 1970 examines the influence of a number of the critical art movements of the late 1960s on African-American art of the last half of the 20th century.  By adopting and retooling the ordinary materials, tools, texts, and performances commonly identified with Conceptual art, African-American Conceptual artists have created a new language that legitimizes their invisible place in contemporary art history and examines the complex social and racial realities of everyday life.  The catalogue focuses on the 31 artists included in the exhibition and illustrates how their work exemplifies a sensibility that has left an indelible mark on art in America—an impact that remains largely unacknowledged by the art world.

The artists included are:  Terry Adkins, Edgar Arceneaux, Sanford Biggers, Chakaia Booker, Beth Coleman and Howard Goldkrand, Charles Gaines, Ellen Gallagher, Renée Green, David Hammons, Lyle Ashton Harris, Maren Hassinger Arthur Jafa, Jennie C. Jones, Annette Lawrence, Cathleen Lewis, Glenn Ligon, Bert L. Long Jr., David McGee, Paul D. Miller, Senga Nengudi, Karyn Olivier, Adam Pendleton, Howardena Pindell, Adrian Piper, William Pope L., Robert Pruitt, Gary Simmons, Lorna Simpson, Danny Tisdale, Nari Ward, and Fred Wilson.  Includes essays by Valerie Cassel Oliver and Franklin Sirmans; selected writings by artists included in the exhibition; a chronology pertaining to the exhibition’s theme; and documentation on the artists’ careers.