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Drawing Shadows | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Use everyday items (or people!) around your home to create organic shapes from cast shadows.


A sunny, quiet place outside/inside your home 

Lamp or flashlight

Drawing utensils 

Blank paper for drawing

Everyday objects of varying shapes



Find a sunny place at home where you can safely lay out your materials and comfortably work on your artwork. Identify your strongest source of light as you look down at your paper. If needed, use a flashlight or a lamp as your main light source.


Place your everyday objects onto your paper with your light source on one side. Arrange shapes by width and height. Notice the size and shape of the cast shadows. Move the objects around to layer shadows and create organic shapes. 


How do the shadows interact? What combination of objects creates the most interesting shapes for you? When you are happy with your composition, begin drawing the outline of your cast shadows, allowing your line drawing to be free-flowing. Remove objects and complete your artwork by adding to the line drawing or coloring in your organic shapes. 


Documenting your creative process and artwork is an essential part of making art. Take a picture of your drawing. Be sure to include your objects in your picture!

Share your drawings with CAMH. And don’t forget to tag us at @camhouston or using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome or #ConnectWithCAMH.

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

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