Admission is free. Open Today: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Performance | The Electro Heights Music Showcase

Join us for The Electro Heights Music Showcase featuring ABRY, Karaoke Knife Fight, Space Kiddettes, and XLX. A melding of contemporary art and synth/MIDI-driven music performances designed to engage the senses. CAMH partners with Royal Raccoon Records to present a line-up of up-and-coming acts pushing boundaries in sound and technology.

Come hungry for this presentation of The Electro Heights Music Showcase. Fork & Truck and Tila’s Taco Truck will be parked at the museum!

About Royal Raccoon Records

Started in 2016 as a label, booking agency, and artist mentorship program.

About ABRY

ABRY Is a young upcoming singer/songwriter showcasing sultry vocals, an undeniable pop sensibility, and a flare for the dramatic.  She has been met with early praise from Houston Press, etc.

About Karaoke Knife Fight

Karaoke Knife Fight is a mixed genre band out of Houston, Texas with a heavy lean towards electronic-based instrumentation. The band formed in late 2016 and quickly was featured on Houston radio 94.5 The Buzz, competed and won a slot on The Houston Superbowl Live Festival, and garnered strong reviews from regional publications calling the group “complex and satisfying” (Houston Press) and “The champions of a new sound in modern electro-rock” (Yab Yum). The bands’ live show has been called “emotional” and “cathartic”. Their full length record, Brightside Music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Play.

About Space Kiddettes

Space Kiddettes invite you to jump around with them to the galaxy’s hottest techno beats. Two-time nominees for OutSmart Magazine‘s Gayest and Greatest Local Band these space-brained delinquents mix pop culture sound bytes, onstage banter, and pop sensibility in the ultimate tribute to being strange. Their debut EP was included in the Houston Chronicle’s 2017 List of Most Anticipated Local Releases and were also included in this year’s list for their upcoming 2018 release. Space Kiddettes’ debut E.P. LIVINGSPACE//HEADSPACE chronicles the drama of love and scary boys and their podcast, SPACE CASE, aims to solve the mysteries plaguing their personal lives. In a live performance, Space Kiddettes engage the audience with theatrical prowess and awareness, energetic vocals and musicianship, and a carefree yet thought provoking attitude.

About XLX

XLX is a long time project of producer, songwriter and classical musician, Ryan Lawless. Lawless has written music for many bands, ensembles and small orchestras. Performing at groundbreaking venues such as Day For Night Festival, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, live radio tapings and more, XLX blends heavy guitars, intricate percussion all in an electronic atmosphere with cutting edge visuals. Following XLX’s debut release DIY and iUsed, the group is preparing for many new releases in 2018. Hailing from Houston, TX, their music is a fusion of electronic and industrial. Vocals, guitars and keyboards are played by Lawless, percussion and electronic instruments by Jason Williams, and bass guitar by Gavin Hendershot.