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Fashion of Nature | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Transform leaves, flowers, and other organic material found outside your home into crowns, bracelets and other wearable works of art.

Below is our instructional guide for hosting our Drop-In Experience at home




Other organic material 

Floral or masking tape

Thin wire or pipe cleaners


Ruler or measuring tape



Find a safe place outside your home to search for and gather organic material. Be sure to collect an assortment of items, such as vines and flowers, so your artwork will vary in color and texture.


Measure your head or wrist, then create a base by shaping your wire or pipe cleaners into a circle in your desired size. Secure your base with tape. Beginning with vines or long pieces of organic material, bend and wrap your material around your base. Use tape or wire to secure greenery as you add each layer. Once a sturdy base is created, place it on the head or wrist. Adjust as needed. 


Your wearable artwork will be created of smaller bunches of your organic materials. Select two to three items, then wrap them together into a bunch with wire or tape. Repeat this process until you have enough bunches to cover your base. 


Place your bunches in row. Notice the color and pattern your bunches create when they are next to each other. Starting with one bunch, fasten the bunch to your base with wire or pipe cleaners. Repeat this process, layering your bunches next to each other to create a seamless look. Once your base is covered, place it on the head or wrist. Notice the balance and weight of your wearable artwork. Adjust as needed to complete your work.

Take a picture of your wearable artwork and share your images with CAMH. #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH | @camhouston

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

CAMH’s Virtual Drop-In Experiences feature instructions for pop-up activities you can do at home. Each hands-on activity provides creative opportunities to experience current exhibitions from a distance in a unique and meaningful way.

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