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Fashion Show | Seams of Houston’s Heritage

Celebrate Houston’s rich cultural diversity with Seams of Houston’s Heritage, a fashion show organized by CAMH’s Teen Council inspired by the exhibition, The Dirty South: Contemporary Art, Material Culture, and the Sonic Impulse.

Join us for a runway presentation featuring original looks by teen fashion designers living in Greater Houston. Each design reflects the city’s cultural diversity and the designers’ various interpretations of the show’s theme.


6:30PM | Fashion Show in the Brown Foundation Gallery
7:15PM | Social Hour

Stick around after the show and meet the designers and models for a stylish social hour, photos, and sounds spun by DJ C Savage!

Featured Designers

Jesse McBride, Manasi Saxena, Annie Frietsch, Sofia Angeles, Margaret Watkins, Vanessa Delgado, Camille Aiyer, Alexandra Davis Donaldson, and Soup Russel

About DJ C Savage

DJ C Savage (otherwise known as Christian Cromedy) became interested in music and DJing in 2009, landing his first professional gig in high school. Known for his ability to mix various musical styles, beats and genres, DJ C Savage brings more than 10 years of electronic music experience catering to a wide range of events, audiences, and venues in Houston.

About Teen Council

Teen Council serves at the Museum’s vehicle for attracting the city’s teen population to CAMH and exposing them to the vibrant field of contemporary art. For council members, the group serves as a highly collaborative creative incubator that opens up opportunities for leadership, visual literacy, and life skill development. During weekly meetings, the council is introduced to the inner workings of museums and to the dynamic Houston arts community. Activities are decided upon by its members and can change from year to year, but past programs developed by the group include art markets, exhibitions, fashion shows, film screenings, listening parties, music festivals, and poetry slams.

Learn more about Teen Council here.