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Holiday Reconnection | Virtual Open Studio

Creatively share your holiday cheer and reconnect with your friends and family through art-making.

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Garland: a wreath of intertwined materials, such as flowers, felt, or paper, worn on the head or hung as a decoration.


Paper materials (e.g., cardstock, construction, scrap paper, etc.)

Yarn, string, or twine (at least 3 feet)



Drawing Materials 



Imagine what you want your garland to look like and who you would like to share your holiday cheer with. A handmade garland can be used to decorate your home or personal space any time of year. Making a garland for family and friends allows you to share words and images your family can remember you by.


Pick a family member or friend you will create your first garland for. What colors does this person like? What shapes remind you of them? Draw an outline of each desired shape and cut along the edge. Make five to six shapes. TIP: Layer paper of different sizes within a designed shape. 


Cut a piece of string at least 3 feet long. Using tape, attach each of your shapes to your yarn, leaving equal space between each. Make sure to leave a length of string on each end for hanging your garland. 

04. HANG

Lay out your yarn or string with your shapes facing up. With the help of a friend, safely hang your garland for your friends and family to enjoy your holiday cheer.  


In place of hanging or wrapping up your garland, you can also wrap your garland around a gift to accentuate the wrapping paper. 

Share your work with us using the hashtags #ConnectwithCAMH #MuseumFromHome

About Virtual Open Studios

CAMH’s Virtual Open Studios feature instructions for pop-up activities that draw inspiration from the exhibitions on view. Using readily available materials you can find at home, explore imaginative concepts inspired by world-renowned artists who show at the Museum by making your own artworks in response to theirs. Virtual Open Studios are released on our website at 2PM, the first Saturday of every month. All ages, always free.