CAMHLAB CAMHLAB2020 21 Hope Stone Dance Hanna Lange 2000x1250

CAMHLAB Artists in Residence, Hope Stone in rehearsal at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, 2020. Photo by Hannah Lange. 


Hope Stone Dance

November 9, 2020 - November 15, 2020
Brown Foundation Gallery


The Museum is pleased to welcome CAMHLAB participant and renowned Houston-based collective, Hope Stone Dance. During their intensive residency, Hope Stone Dance plans to use the Museum as a safe space for rehearsals as they continue to shift their focus from their usual in-person performances to those in the virtual realm. One of the objectives of their time at CAMH is to produce and submit videos to dance film festivals across the nation to showcase Houston’s breadth and professionalism of dance makers and dancers. Plans for safe, accessible, public performances are also scheduled for this CAMHLAB initiative.