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Houstonians Count | Virtual Drop-In Experience

This is a call to action for A Counting—a project by artist Ekene Ijeoma and his group Poetic Justice at MIT Media Lab. Are you yearning to engage during this time of social distancing? Or is your child learning to count? We encourage all Houstonians to become a part of this participatory project by calling 281-248-8730. Record your voice counting from one to 100 in your native language or help transcribe others’ voices.

There are over 100 languages spoken in Houston, Texas. A Counting seeks to capture “voice portraits” of Houstonian voices and accents, especially those of marginalized communities.

To participate, if you are a Houston resident, call 281-248-8730 to record counting from 1 to 100 in your native language. Individuals of all ages from around the world are invited to contribute to the project so be sure to add your voice to A Counting today! 

Not a Houstonian? Everyone is welcome to participate in A Counting either through helping with transcription, listening to the voices that are recorded, or viewing the video work. 

A Counting is accessible by visiting or by calling 281-248-8730. 


Check back on the A Counting website regularly as new voices are added and the work changes through time. 

Share this project with anyone that might be interested in contributing their voice using the hashtags #ConnectWithCAMH #BeyondCAMH and #MuseumFromHome.

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