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Instagram Live | Rocky Rockett and E.S.G. in Discussion

Join E.S.G., rapper and member of the Screwed Up Click, and independent hip hop educator Rocky Rockett in a conversation about their involvement in the exhibition Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City Through Mutated Lenses.

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About E.S.G.

Cedric Dormaine Hill, best known by his stage name E.S.G. (b. 1976, Bogalusa, Louisiana) is a southern hip hop recording artist who lives and works in Houston, Texas. He played a key role in the development and popularization of Houston’s “Chopped and Screwed” style of rap music, along with DJ Screw, in the 1990s. His debut album Ocean of Funk was released in 1994, and he has released more than ten albums since. His most recent album, Kingish, was released in 2015. Hill is a member of Screwed Up Click, a hip hop collective based out of Houston that was originally led by DJ Screw.

About Rocky Rockett

Rocky Rockett is an artist manager and organizer from Houston who has dedicated herself to hip hop education and philanthropic missions associated with the music industry. She has contributed to hip hop related content for both Houston Trend and Rolling Out Magazine. Rocky is a research advisor for the DJ Screw-centered exhibition Slowed and Throwed: Records of the City Through Mutated Lenses at Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, and she regularly acts as a liaison between institutions and some of Houston’s hip hop greats in areas surrounding legacy and education.