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Instagram Takeover | Two Star Symphony

Tune in to CAMH’s Instagram Stories for a behind-the-scenes look into Two Star Symphony’s CAMHLAB residency.

The artist collective, Two Star Symphony, is currently creating new performance and sound works during their residency at Montrose Collective. Plans for their residency include a collaboration with puppeteer Afsaneh Aayani and composing new scores to short films from the seminal box set of early avant-garde American film, Unseen Cinema. During the months of February and March, Two Star Symphony will also offer regular open studio hours to genuinely connect with their audience and make their process visible.

About Two Star Symphony

Two Star Symphony is Houston’s “most unusual music ensemble.” Composing and performing all-original music in quartet, quintet, and octet configurations, Two Star brings modern instrumental music to a wide range of audiences, from classical music enthusiasts to first-time listeners.

Two Star Symphony’s dark, distinctive sound is inspired by their influences, which include Danny Elfman, Dr. Dre, Tom Waits, cartoons, hauntings, skulls, graveyards, black cats, and Dominic Walsh. The band works differently than most classical ensembles in that every member is also a composer. Songs are written and arranged collaboratively as a group, with each player responsible for their own parts. By the time the songs are finished, the music is memorized. Two Star Symphony does not create sheet music, so the player is free to focus on listening rather than reading. This allows them to score silent film by reacting to the screen rather than having their eyes focused on a music stand. Two Star Symphony has released six albums and created multiple scores for film and various projects.

Two Star Symphony has a history of collaborating with other artists and a variety of media. Two Star Symphony has created original works with American Ballet Theatre Studio Company, Dominic Walsh Dance Theatre, Whim W’Him Dance Company, Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH), and The University of Houston School of Theatre and Dance.

About Afsaneh Aayani

Afsaneh Aayani is a Houston-based scenic designer, puppeteer, puppet maker, mask maker, voice actress, and artist with over 15 years of industry experience. She began her artistic journey in Iran where she developed her skills as a puppeteer and puppet maker, performed as a voice actor on television, and built her foundation as an artist. She completed her Bachelors in Puppetry from the Art University of Tehran and shortly thereafter performed in festivals internationally including in China, Poland, and Sri Lanka.


CAMHLAB is an ongoing artist-in-residence initiative that gives the Museum to artists and supports them working within, and in partnership with, CAMH to develop new work and ideas. Through both short-term residencies and long-term collaborations with artists, CAMHLAB offers critical and early-stage direct support of artists’ process and production of new work. CAMHLAB residencies seek to directly connect artists and audiences through unexpected and unforgettable experiences of contemporary art.

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