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Installation Art | Virtual Open Studio

Explore your environment through experimentation and play by creating a temporary sculpture.

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Installation Art – An immersive mixed-media construction, designed for a specific location and often for a temporary period of time.


Found objects/recyclable items (e.g., cardboard, fabric, plastic bottles, trinkets, etc.)

Common household items (e.g., storage boxes, storage containers, books, etc.)

Adhesives (e.g., clear tape, masking page, white glue, glue gun and glue sticks, etc.)

String, pipe cleaners, wire, or rubber bands



Mindfully search throughout your home for items you can use to create your installation. Look for safe, sturdy materials you can return or dispose of easily after your activity. Choose items that vary in texture, size, and color.


Locate an unexpected space inside or outside your home you can temporarily fill with one work of art. Will your installation be small or large? Will your viewer be allowed to touch your installation, or is it best viewed from afar? As you consider your workspace, be sure to choose a location that allows you to create an immersive experience.


Lay your materials out within your workspace and divide by size and weight. How will you build up your installation? Which materials will be hung? Which materials will be joined? Select your starting point, then begin to arrange and build up your materials to assemble your objects in and around your site specific workspace. For reinforcement, loosely tape items together, use a glue gun and glue sticks, or join with string or pipe cleaners to help secure your materials in place. 


Step back and take a look at your installation from different angles. Does your piece look like a single unified work of art? Incorporate additional objects into your artwork to complete.


Some installations are activated through actions within the artwork. How can you activate your installation? You can let your audience walk into or through your installation or add an element of sound. 

Make sure to document your work through photos or video before it disappears. Tag us to share your work (@camhouston) or use the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH.

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About Virtual Open Studios

CAMH’s Virtual Open Studios feature instructions for pop-up activities that draw inspiration from the exhibitions on view. Using readily available materials you can find at home, explore imaginative concepts inspired by world-renowned artists who show at the Museum by making your own artworks in response to theirs. Virtual Open Studios are released on our website at 2PM, the first Saturday of every month. All ages, always free.