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Installation view of James Trotter: Gasoline Rainbow at The Crossroads Hotel gallery, 2019.

James Trotter: Gasoline Rainbow

November 29, 2019 - December 28, 2019
Crossroads Hotel


Are you pining for the glittering, twinkling Plaza lights to transport you this Christmas? Has Christmas ever let you down? Do you harbor dreams of Christmases past? Could this be the year the flood of cheers, scents, pleasures and calories collide into ecstatic  congealed glee?

If you have holiday anxieties, or yearn for the season, it’s all here, glowing and awaiting your delirious anticipation. Welcome to James Trotter’s purest-hearted celebration of the season. In Trotter’s cacophonous exhibition, Christmas is everything and nothing at once, it’s the rushing noise of commerce, religion, holiness, hedonism, nostalgia, truthiness, omnipresent branding and more than a few high crimes and misdemeanors. We love the things that hurt us the most, but please protect us from what we want.

In the town of Hallmark and J.C. Nichols’ permanent utopian inequity, Trotter jolts us to remember the tyranny of Christmas has never been one thing, it’s all of it together, at once — our manias, fantasies, hopes, and triggers. Just let it wash over, like the terrible beauty of a gasoline rainbow.


Gasoline Rainbow is curated by Hesse McGraw and organized with el dorado inc with Tiffany Meesha Thompson.

The Crossroads Hotel gallery is open to all, 24 / 7.

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