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Know Your Voice | Drop-In Experience

Inspired by A Counting, the work of conceptual artist Ekene Ijeoma and his group Poetic Justice at MIT Media Lab, empower your own voice to create sound portraits through guided breath and voice resonating exercises.


01. Warm-Up your Body

To begin, find a comfortable location to explore your voice at home and stand in place. Focus on how your entire body feels at this moment. Allow your body to sway from side to side, bend your knees one at a time, roll your shoulders out, and move gently in any way your body enjoys. Then, stand in place once again.

02. Relax and Breathe

Take a full, deep breath through your nostrils while raising the top of your head. Then exhale through your nose to release your breath as you feel your feet firmly planted on the ground. Next, take a quick and deep, full breath in and out through your mouth allowing your breath to be loud and deliberate. Next, breathe in for a count of four and exhale as you hiss like a snake until all the air is released. Then, breathe in for a count of four and exhale as you make the SH sound until all the air is released. Repeat all breathing exercises if desired.

03. Vocal Exploration

Relax and loosen your jaw by gently moving it from side to side, then by yawning or sighing. Begin humming, first slowly, then quickly, then slowly again. How does the humming sound feel as you change speeds? Next, slowly and deliberately, speak the vowel sounds one by one: “ooh”, “e”, and “ah”. Notice how the shape of your mouth and jaw change as you speak each sound. What other sounds would you like to make? How loud can you make this sound? How softly can you make this sound?

04. Conclude

To conclude your voice exploration say the following tongue twisters five times slowly, then five times quickly. Be sure to pause as needed.

• Paul Jackson Pollock poured powerfully pigmented paint.

• Contemporary art concepts can combine choreography, collage, color on canvas, or conceptual content in different contexts.

05. Share

Share your voice empowering practice by becoming a part of A Counting by calling 281-248-8730. Record your voice counting from one to 100 in your native language or help transcribe others’ voices.

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