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Land Art Mandalas | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Transform leaves, twigs, flowers, and other organic material found in nature into geometric configurations outside your home.

Below is our instructional guide for hosting our Drop-In Experience activity at home.






Other organic material 

Small boxes or bags to collect and organize materials



Find a safe place outside your home to touch and gather organic material. Be sure to collect an assortment of items so your land art will vary in color, size, and material. 

02. SORT

Identify your workspace outside. Then, organize your materials into different collections by gathering like items together in your small boxes or bags. 


You can choose one item or several like items as the central piece of your land art. Place your chosen centerpiece in the middle of your workspace. Next, choose materials from another collection to place a ring around the central piece.


Working from the center, continue to arrange materials into new circles by alternating shape and color. Notice the patterns you are creating each time you add to your land art mandala. Use all your materials for one large piece or make several small ones. Arrange and rearrange your mandala as many times as you would like.


Take this activity inside! Gather man-made collections of small items, such as toys, coins, or buttons, to create your next mandala.

Take a picture of your land art mandalas and share your images with CAMH! #MuseumFromHome #ConnectwithCAMH @camhouston

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

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