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Making Beats | Open Studio

Due to CAMH’s suspension of in-person public gatherings, a modified presentation of this art-making activity premiered on CAMH’s IGTV.

Inspired by the innovation of DJ Screw’s music, interact directly with sound by creating a one-of-a-kind instrument made of recycled materials.

Video Instructions


Containers with lids (water bottles or cylinder packaging like coffee cans, food cans) 

Sound items (beans, rice, paper clips, coins, cotton swabs, or beads)  

Paper for decorating (magazines, scrap paper)

Adhesive (craft clue, glue sticks, masking or painter’s tape) 

Drawing utensils (crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens)




Find a place at home where you can safely lay out your materials and comfortably work on your artwork. Make sure your sound items fit into collected containers. 


Take your time to look through materials. What materials make sound and how? Which materials could become a sound shaker? A drum? Group materials together to create multiple instruments.


Select a design, then arrange your materials. If you are making a shaker: grab a container, then fill the container with one sound item, leaving space for movement within the container. Cover the container’s opening and shake the container to create a sound. If you are making a drum: grab a cylindrical container, completely cover one side of the container, then try hitting the covered side with various objects to create a sound. Glue or tape down your materials. What other instruments can you think of making now?


Using masking tape and paper, decorate or cover your containers. Paper can cover large areas, tape can cover smaller areas. 


How do your instruments sound? Take a picture, make a video, and share your work! Be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH.

Go Further

Take this activity an extra step and host a concert with friends/family members and your new instruments. 

Teacher’s Guide for Slowed and Throwed

Large Print Labels for Slowed and Throwed

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