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Meta-Meet with Frewuhn

Frewuhn’s Freedom Summer Mixtape Temple is an immersive digital gallery showcasing archival mixed media works created during the artist’s CAMHLAB residency. The virtual space features in-depth artist interviews,  recorded performances, and sound installations designed for viewers to experience inside the ONE / OFF Black Arts District on Cryptovoxels. Explore the Temple and meet with Frewuhn to ask questions about her work, process, and residency at CAMH. Follow CAMH’s Instagram (@camhouston) for more information about Frewuhn’s work with the future of protest and how to engage with this digital world.

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About Frewuhn

Singer-Songwriter Franchelle Lucas known as “Frewuhn,” was born in Houston Texas, surrounded by a collage of musical inspiration. Sonically, she embodies a peaceful flow and ambient strength. She is heavily influenced by 90s rock, R&B, country, and artists like Res, Santigold, and Stevie Nicks. Her love of the sacred wisdom of folk songs, the blues, and gospel is coupled with her first love of music found in church where she gained her initial performance experience. Her background in Theology and performance influenced her production of The Color of Frequency lyric poetry book and the SoundLab sonic experiment. 

Frewuhn made her debut in 2008, singing with Alternative soul outfit Neon Collars, and has performed as a backing vocalist for many artists including CeCe Winans, and Solange. She released her first solo project Stupid Carnival in 2018. 

Frewuhn is a messenger who encourages listeners to go beyond the simplicity of her narratives to encourage freedom and healing from within. 

The ONE / OFF Virtual Black Arts District

ONE / OFF has created the first virtual Black Arts District on the blockchain dedicated to supporting innovation, experimentation, collective learning, and creative entrepreneurship with cryptomedia. 

A part of ONE / OFF’s core purpose is to develop a Black Arts + Culture ecosystem on the blockchain. To achieve this, we have acquired over 30 parcels of digital land within the Cryptovoxels metaverse with the intention of creating a virtual Black Arts District. Cryptovoxels is a virtual world powered by the Ethereum blockchain that enables  artists and  arts + culture institutions to create immersive digital galleries that provide an innovative way to showcase and experience Black art on the blockchain. These digital galleries allow for artists to tell more compelling stories about their work and display their creativity to an international audience. Additionally, the galleries offer collectors a new way to shop and add new work to their collection in just a few clicks directly inside of the gallery. ONE / OFF believes it is important to cultivate  space inside the digital world to give artists, collectors, curators, archivists, architects, and institutions the freedom to risk, fail, learn, and grow in the Crypto Art space.

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is a digital world that runs in your browser (or phone, and VR head­set). It uses the Ethereum blockchain to track own­er­ship of goods and parcels in its econ­omy. Parcel owners can build on their parcels. They can add and remove blocks (voxels) and features on their parcels. They can also make their parcel a sandbox parcel, which makes it free for anyone to build on. Features include things such as audio, buttons, images, voxel models, text, polytext (3D text), and gifs.

Movement Inside of Cryptovoxels

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