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Mike Sinclair: Studio Photos

March 1, 2019 - June 3, 2019
Crossroads Hotel


This collection of images emerged from conversations between photographer Mike Sinclair, Kansas City artist and writer Robert Bingaman, and John O’Brien, the founder of Dolphin Gallery. Robert and Mike’s concept was guided by a simple set of declarations:

There are great artists in Kansas City.

They work in great places.

Those places should be photographed and shared.

The images are the result of four years of intensive effort to interview, document and photograph the studios of Kansas City artists. Although not comprehensive, this record encompasses emerging, and established artists of all media. It represents polished practices and those beginning to find grounding. So many

of these places were fleeting — Ken Ferguson passed away in 2005 and many moved to new studios or cities. And this group of images calls to mind legendary spaces not included here, such as John Puscheck’s Charlotte Street home, Sean Ward’s Leedyville loft, and many others.

Together they present a picture of the ever-evolving ecosystem of Kansas City artists. In a town, and market, where community and careers are measured according to place-specific guideposts, camaraderie is currency.

– Hesse McGraw, curator and Principal, el dorado inc