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Mindful Observation for Found Sounds | Drop-In Experience

Inspired by CAMHLAB artists Preston Gaines and Mich Stevenson, explore current exhibitions or your surroundings at home using mindfulness exercises to observe the sounds around you.

Observe Your Surroundings 

Stand in place or take a seat. Focus on your breath as you take one deep inhale through your nostrils. Exhale a sigh through an open mouth. 

Begin to closely observe what is happening around you. Turn your head or body to your left then right. Look up then down to take in everything around you. 

Focus your eyes on what is in front of you and listen. What sounds do you notice? In the space in front of you, can you find what is making these sounds? What sounds do you hear behind you? 

Close your eyes. What new sounds do you notice when your eyes are closed? Have any sounds disappeared?

Observe Yourself 

Find a new place to stand or sit. Focus on your breath as you take three deep, slow inhales through your nostrils. Exhale your final breath through a wide open mouth. 

What do you notice about the sound of your breath? 

What do you notice about your thoughts while listening to what is in front of you? 

What emotions do you feel while standing/sitting in space? 

What else stands out to you while you are standing/sitting in this space? 

Repeat any part of this mindfulness exercise, or repeat in a different order. 



  1. conscious or aware of something 2. focusing one’s awareness on the present moment

About Drop-In Experiences

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