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Monumentality in Modern Sculpture

On View: December 13, 1956 - January 13, 1957
October 31, 2017 @ 2:56PM – 3:56PM
A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath
Monumentality in Modern Sculpture @ A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath

Monumentality in Modern Sculpture examines a group of paradoxical works: sculptures that are small in being yet substantial in impression. As the introduction to this catalogue points out, none of the pieces from the exhibition measure over 8 ½ inches in height. Yet, flipping though the publication’s exhibition illustrations, the works seem to be contained on the page with difficulty. They look as though they wish to stretch beyond, to grow to their full physical potential. An exhibition that toys with expectations of scale and power, Monumentality explores Western and non-Western works that embody the spirit of modernity to feature sculptures from renowned artists, such as Matisse and Giacometti, as well as the historically anonymous from 18th century Africa, pre-Colombian Mexico, and beyond.

Artists featured in the exhibition:  Kenneth Armitage, Hans Arp, Ernst Barlach, Wolfgang Behl, Mary Callery, Dorothy Dehner, Edgar Degas, José de Rivera, Max Ernst, Pericle Fazzini, Alberto Giacometti, Joseph Glasco, Julio González, Paul Grunland, Adaline Kent, Jacques Lipchitz, Man Ray, Marguerite, Ezio Martinelli, Henri Matisse, Mirko, Henry Moore, L. E. J. Rhodes, Auguste Rodin, David Smith, Jack Squire, Emmanuel Viviano, and a selection of African [Belgian Congo, Eastern Congo, French Sudan, Gold Coast], American Indian [Eskimo, Zuni, Northwest Coast], Boetian, Chinese, Etruscan, Greek, New Guinea, New Zealand, Persian, Philippine, Pre-Columbian, Seljuk, and South Central European works of art.