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Mystery Sound Recall | Drop-In Experience

Due to CAMH’s suspension of in-person public gatherings, a modified presentation of this art-making activity premiered online.

In connection with the exhibition Slowed and Throwed and inspired by DJ Screw’s skillful connection to transforming songs by musical artists, explore the potential of your auditory memory by identifying mystery sounds.

Below is our instructional guide for hosting our Drop-In Experience activity at home.


Containers with lids (water bottles or cylinder packaging like coffee cans, food cans)

Mystery Sound items (beans, rice, paper clips, coins, cotton swabs, or beads)

Paper for covering clear containers (magazines, scrap paper, etc.)

Paper for Answer Key

Tape (masking or painter’s tape)

Labeling utensils (crayons, colored pencils, markers, pens)



Find a place at home where you can safely layout your materials and comfortably work on your artwork. Make sure your mystery sound items fit into collected containers. Use one container per each mystery sound item.


Using masking tape and paper, cover your containers. Paper can cover large areas, tape can cover smaller areas.

Tip: Do not remove labels so you have less area to cover.


Create an answer key by listing and numbering your mystery sound items. Leaving space for movement within the container, fill each container, one by one, with a mystery sound item and label the container with the same number to match the answer key.

Tip: The person leading this activity should do this step. While your friends wait, they can watch this video about Slowed and Throwed and DJ Screw’s legacy in Houston.


Line up the containers in a single row. Have each participant shake each container and make a guess at what item is inside. Who in your group guessed them right? What made this activity difficult? What made this activity easy?


Take a picture and share which player has the best sound memory recall! Be sure to tag us using the hashtags #MuseumFromHome #ConnectWithCAMH

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