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Observational Movement Drawing | Virtual Drop-In Experience

Start the new year by reflecting on your body in motion as a tool for drawing. Using simple prompts to explore pattern, rhythm, and shape—solo or with a partner—create drawings in space.

Stand in place or take a seat. Focus on your breath as you take one deep inhale through your nostrils. Exhale a sigh through an open mouth. Begin to closely observe what is happening around right now. Turn your head or body to your left then right. Look up then down to take in everything around you. 

Complete the following prompts, repeating each one as desired.

Pick one object to focus your attention on.

What do you notice about the shape of what is in front of you?
Use your hands and arms to create that shape above your head.

Take a look around you and begin to make a mental inventory of everything you see.

How many colors do you notice?
How many patterns can you count?
Hold your hands up in front of you and use your fingers to draw a pattern of your own in space.

Close your eyes, then shift focus to observe everything you hear.

Which sounds create rhythm?
Can you feel these sounds when you listen with your eyes closed?
Which sounds encourage you to move your hands, arms, or feet?
Move through your space with purpose—solo or with a partner—slowly and deliberately, paying attention to your body in space.

About Virtual Drop-In Experiences

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