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Outside Art | Open Studio

Pick up a free art kit in the Museum and use the supplies to design an artwork inspired by your surroundings with an activity curated by CAMH’s Teen Council.

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Wooden hoop

Washi or other decorative tape, clear tape 

Yarn or string

Beads, shells, or bells



01. Decorate Hoop

A wind chime is a decorative arrangement of items, typically hung outside, creating sound as it moves through the air. As you gather your materials, decide what to include by thinking about what you would like your wind chime to look and sound like. Your wooden hoop will serve as the base of your wind chime to hold your hanging items. Decorate your hoop by wrapping it in washi tape. Secure with clear tape as needed. 

02. Create Hanger 

To hang your wind chime, cut two pieces of string that are each 10-12 inches long. Tie one string to the opposite sides of your hoop. Repeat with your second string, but perpendicular to your first string. Create a loop and tie where the strings meet.  

03. Attach your chimes

Cut 3-8 pieces of yarn, at least 4 inches long. One at a time, attach one end of each string to your hoop with a double knot. Make sure there is an even amount of space between each string for balance. 

TIP: Use washi tape to hide the knot on the hoop. 

04. Design Your Chimes

Use beads and knots to create patterns onto each hanging string. Then, add a shell on the end of your chime and double knot the end of the string. 

TIP: To make threading easier, wrap a small piece of tape around the end of the string to create a needle-like end.

05. Finishing Touches

Personalize your wind chime by adding to your hoop by tying on more strings with objects you can find around you, such as keys, rocks, leaves, bottlecaps, shells, etc.

06. Hang Your Wind Chime

Hook the loop at the end of your hanger up somewhere in your home to display your wind chime. We can connect to our surroundings by mindfully paying attention to what we see and hear. How does your wind chime look and sound? 

Take a picture of your wind chime and tag us in your work!

About Open Studios

CAMH’s Open Studios feature activities that draw inspiration from the exhibitions on view to provide an opportunity to explore imaginative concepts inspired by world-renowned artists.

Open Studios instructions are released on our website at 2PM, the first Saturday of every month. In-person, a limited number of Open Studio Kits are available for pick up in the Museum between 2-4PM, until we run out. Open Studio Kits include instructions and art supplies to complete the featured project. Each kit will include bonus items such as CAMH buttons, Art Guides, and extra activities. All ages, always free.

In-person pick up for Open Studio kits are low contact and designed with the safety of our visitors, staff, and community in mind. Visit our Museum From Home page for more hands-on activities you can enjoy anytime!