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On View: April 4, 1957 - April 28, 1957
October 31, 2017 @ 2:56PM – 3:56PM
A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath
Pacemakers @ A-Frame building by McKie & Kamrath

Presenting the work of contemporary artists in back-to-back exhibitions, the Museum illustrated two main facets of the modern art movement, minimal and expressionist abstraction, in 1957. The former was represented in the exhibition The Sphere of Mondrian while the latter was demonstrated in Pacemakers, the exhibition that immediately followed. A collection of works composed by lesser-known, up-and-coming abstract artists, this second exhibition revealed important qualities of contemporary expressionism, such as the achievement of balance through chaos and clarity through rawness. Featuring works that could be described as both vibrant and serene, Pacemakers and its accompanying catalogue represent the breadth of experiment and imagination that developed within this particular style of modern art.

Artists featured in the exhibition:  Jeremy R. Anderson, Forrest Bess, James Boynton, Robert Cremean, Joseph Goto, Walter Kuhlman, John Levee, Raymond Parker, Peter Shoemaker, Hassel Smith, Evelyn Statsinger, Robert Sterling, Pat Trivigno, Charles Williams, and Emerson Woeffler.