Photo by Erin Thigpen
Patron Circle

The Art in Design Panel at Texas Contemporary Art Fair

October 7, 2018 | 1:30PM - 2:30PM


Patron Circle members are invited to attend a panel on art and design at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair on October 7. Members will also receive a complimentary VIP pass to the fair.

As the lines between art and design continue to blur in the creative industry, join panelists Michael Viviano (architect and interior designer, Viviano Viviano), Marry Hammon Quinn (Art Advisor, C2 Art Advisors), and Catherine Anspon (PaperCity Magazine) as they address the topic of art in the Interior Design space. The panelists will explore topics of navigating the selection of art works with clients, how to avoid “matching work with the sofa”, the impact of an important collection for editorial and publication purposes, and the blurred lines between art and design.
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