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Peggy Noland: Do Rainbows Give You Impure Thoughts?

September 1, 2019 - November 16, 2019
Crossroads Hotel


Does a rainbow give you impure thoughts?

Is the Miracle Mile your destiny?

Do you want to become jealous of yourself?

Is your imagination larger than your life?

Do you want to drive all night like the crystalline warrior you were ever-meant to be?

See it all here, at the Crossroads Hotel, September 1 to November 9, 2019. It will glow up your dreams for life.

If you feel the fight inside you and want to let the blood flow, bring your dreams to us,  or even tow your cruiser to Crossroads Hotel, and magic will be upon you. Whether you drive an ‘88 LeBaron or a 2020 McLaren, Peggy Noland’s car makeovers will give you more than you need and so much more than you want.

Car makeovers begin at $3,500. A McLaren is more than that. Think: LeBaron: $, whereas Double Decker bus: $$$$. Yes, that is more than a car wash, but much less than your impending mid-life crisis. All wraps / makeovers will occur in the Crossroads Hotel gallery and take about a week. Designs are developed between owners and Peggy — the more license you give Peggy the more extreme (better) the result. Following design consultation and pricing with Peggy, 50% down will secure your car’s place in the queue, which stretches down the Boulevard.

Sign up here. 

Seriously, you can actually do this.

If you need convincing, behold: The New York Times: For One Los Angeles Artist, Cars Are Her Canvas and Rainbows Are Her Brush

Also, know this is Peggy Noland’s first ever solo exhibition, in her hometown no less.


Curated by Hesse McGraw, El Dorado inc.

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