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Postcard Collage | Open Studio

Inspired by the Teen Council-curated exhibition Turn On, Tune In, Tap Out, reconnect to family and friends beyond “The Screen” by creating a small postcard-size collage to send via snail mail.


Postcard Template or 4” x 6” cardstock paper

Adhesive (e.g., glue sticks, craft glue, tape) 

Drawing materials (e.g., pencils, pens, markers, etc.)

Paper for collaging (e.g., construction paper, scrapbook paper, magazines, photos, etc.)



01. Prepare Your Postcard

Using the provided postcard template, cut the postcard out following the bolded edges. If a template or pre-cut postcard is not available, you can cut any cardstock or heavy paper (or even a cereal box!) to approximately 4” x 6” to create a blank postcard.

02. Find and Cut Images

What images can you include on your postcard that communicate how you feel today? What colors or patterns do you want to include in your design? Using your collage materials, find images and create shapes. You can vary the texture of your paper by cutting, tearing, and layering the images and colors. Collect enough images to create your postcard design.

03. Write a Note

On the information side of your postcard template, write a note to your friend or family member in the blank space provided. Be sure there is space to enter their address. If you are using a blank piece of cardstock, pick one blank side to write your note making sure to leave space to write in an address and place a stamp. 

04. Complete and Send

On the blank side of your postcard template, assemble your images and shapes. Without adhesive, move these pieces across your background to create your design. When you are happy with your composition, paste or tape down your images. Personalize your postcard further by drawing onto your collage. Place a stamp on your postcard, then place it in a mailbox to send! 


Take a picture and share your artwork with us! Be sure to tag us and use the hashtags #MuseumFromHome and #ConnectWithCAMH.

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