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Rachel Hayes: Field of Vision

February 6, 2023 - April 8, 2023
Crossroads Hotel


Artist Rachel Hayes creates large-scale installations of fabric that infuse color and form into architectural and natural environments. Hayes’s celebrated geometric fiber artworks refer to abstract painting and incorporate colors and sightlines of their surrounding environment. These elaborate textiles respond to and highlight the beauty of a space, transforming it. In Field of Vision, Hayes brings together a collection of skies, sunsets, and billowing clouds printed on nylon that together animate the Crossroads Hotel gallery — their opaque and translucent color and textures create a spatial dance that lures visitors into this inspiring place.


Field of Vision is curated by Tiffany Meesha Thompson and Hesse McGraw, executive director, Contemporary Arts Museum Houston.

Crossroads Hotel gallery and art program is organized by El Dorado and Contemporary Arts Museum Houston with Tiffany Meesha Thompson.